VicoVR is a Bluetooth accessory that provides Wireless Full Motion and Positional Tracking to Android and iOS VR headsets. Without a PC, wires, or wearable sensors! This Virtual Reality product truly allows you to move freely within mobile gaming worlds!

VicoVR comes complete as a stand-alone 3D Gaming System or as an add-on Bluetooth Accessory for your existing VR Headset or Gaming Platform (Android, iOS).

With this new crowd-fund VicoVR Teleport Your Body Virtual Reality! This has been what everyone who tries a Gear VR that I have spoken to says would make it incredible.

Control your Mobile VR experience with your hands and body. Stop observing – interact with it!

Below is an animation and a list of things this technology can do.

Below is are the items you can get as part of supporting this Kickstarter.


Is it similar to Kinect?

Yes and no. VicoVR sensor is similar to Kinect as it uses similar bundle of depth sensing technology and the body tracking SDK (middleware). The key difference is VicoVR Sensor’s embedded processing capability. Unlike Kinect SDK, which requires xBox or Windows PC for middleware processing, our proprietary middleware is executed inside sensor on embedded processing unit. Processing results such as real time user skeletal tracking data and gestures are sent then by Bluetooth to any compatible host device.

By offloading heavy image processing tasks from the host CPU, VicoVR Sensor makes full featured 3D motion control available on any Bluetooth enabled device. You can think of its sensor as a new type of Bluetooth peripheral, which is especially perfect for emerging Mobile VR applications requiring full body tracking and gesture control.

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