Inspired by HoloChess from Star Wars, meet HoloGrid: Monster Battle.  HoloGrid: Monster Battle is an Augmented Reality turn-based tactical strategy game.


Phil Tippett, the Star Wars visual effects guru

Creatures battle on your tabletop with Augmented Reality

HoloGrid: Monster Battle is being built for next gen AR & VR platforms, but will first release for mobile devices, giving players the feeling that the creatures of Phil Tippett are doing battle right in front of them.

“We’re excited to be launching this Kickstarter with Phil Tippett and his studio, and bringing to life a game so many of us have always wanted to play” said Mike Levine, President of HappyGiant. “This is our first step into a new world of AR gaming, and while we are launching it on mobile initially so everyone can play it, our long term vision is to bring it to emerging AR and VR platforms.”

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