Pixie uses a mix of Hardware ( A Tag the size of a quarter ) and Software ( An Augmented Reality App available on most market places ) to generate the whereabouts of things. You can now find lost items with a visual aid with the help of any smart device ( phone, tablet, etc… ) Your phone’s camera becomes a treasure map, where “X” marks the spot. The platform reveals the location of any object – even through walls, down to the inches!

Beyond the IOT ( Internet of Things )

IoT connects objects to the internet – but doesn’t show the actual whereabouts of anything. So Pixie invented the “LoT ( Location of Things )” – a technology platform that knows where everything is, all the time. It’s mobile. It’s built to grow. And don’t worry, it’s totally private.

Pixie Step 1: Map It

When you are within Pixie range of the Pixified item -150 feet outside and 30-50 feet indoors – Pixie prompts you to take a panoramic scan of your surroundings to reveal where your item is. If your lost item is far away, Pixie provides its last known GPS location.

Step 2: Show It

Once Pixie locates your item, it displays it to you by showing the Augmented Reality overlaid on the screen, or by guiding you to the item with the Pointer’s Live distance and direction indicator.

Step 3: Grab It

When you’re within 5 feet of your lost item, the app acts like a metal detector to accurately zero in on it. A series of beeps, similar to a metal detector, takes you right to it.

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Download the app, and attach the sticker to your iPhone or iPad. Then give your prized possessions magical properties by pairing them together.

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