Patron Oculus Virtual Reality Experience is an awesome mix of live action and 3d animated content that allows the tequila company to show users how their product is made and how it gets to consumers. Patron is a brand of tequila products produced in Mexico by the Patron Spirits Company. Partnering with Firstborn Patron was one of the first spirit companies to use the technology.

Patron Oculus Virtual Reality behind the scenes

In the behind the scenes video you can see the custom made 360 video drone built by Firstborn. The video shows how VR can take experiential marketing to the next level by allowing you to see the process of Patron being made through the eyes of a bee, which happens to also be the Patron logo.

After seeing the result and the making of this great VR experience, its easy to see how brands will begin to take advantage of the technology to tell their stories to potential customers in a way that was never before possible. The immersive nature of Virtual Reality allows brands make consumers feel like they have been placed anywhere, this makes for unlimited ways to tell your brands story.

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