Augmented Reality has made the Cover of the Innovators Issue!  I’d classify this as purely an “entertainment” Augmented Reality execution.  However it is very nice to look at! @NewYorker

Augmented Reality has the potential to shine in the print industry.  I hope to see Augmented Reality executions moving forward that incorporate and use utility as a means to incentivize usage.  For a magazine such as The New Yorker maybe an aggregation of content based on user preference conjured from the cover and now instantly made viewable on my mobile device.

Yes, Tony Stark’s face lit up from his Augmented Reality interface looks cool to us.  For Tony however, his AR interface helps him power and run the suit.  His augmented reality is serving a purpose, utility.

You can try this out at home.  Just follow the steps below

  1. Download the The New Yorker‘s Uncovr app (App Store and Google Play).  Yes, its free!
  2. Open the Uncovr app on your phone and hold it towards the New Yorker Cover image below.
The New Yorker’s Augmented Reality Cover

The New Yorker’s Augmented Reality Cover

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