With football about to start up (can’t wait) Microsoft HoloLens NFL demo is an amazing look into the way we could be watching sports games in the very near future. This was one of the very first demos I saw for the Hololens that got me excited about the possibilities for the device and mixed reality technology in general.

nfl_superbowl_1_0Can you imagine being able to see every angle of gameplay and interacting with the data of the game in any way you would like? This is what eventually the Hololens will allow.20160203_HoloLensPic

Being that one of the founders of Microsoft, Paul Allen is also the Seattle Seahawks owner, I would think those fans who are also called the 12 man will eventually have a digital 13th man first. Teams that take to this technology early could gain a whole new fanbase the way TV in the early days created so many damn Cowboys fans (Im hating).

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