Hayo Augmented Reality technology is one of the first products I have seen that turn your home into an Augmented Reality interface.

The Hayo project is so interesting becuase it changes the way we think about augmented reality. Traditional thinking is augmented reality changes what we see, but with Hayo augmented reality is used to make things happen in your home based on where you are and what you are doing. The examples in the video show how this thinking can create a new way of thinking about smart homes. Things like if your child gets too close to the fireplace getting an alert is a very useful technology solution. I am looking forward to seeing what people think of using Hayos patented spatial analysis technology to create countless virtual remote control combinations for the connected home.

Hayo Augmented Reality

Hayo Augmented Reality

Hayo Augmented Reality Features

3D sensor

Respects your privacy – no video camera, microphone, or recording

Advanced motion analysis software

Stored in the cloud, updated in the background

Infrared technology

Works in low light conditions

Automatic repositioning

Remembers your environment even if you move it

Wifi enabled

Pair easily with internet enabled devices on your Wifi network

Home security system

Use Hayo’s sensor technology as an auxiliary home security system

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