Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality game that first was leaked as this mega popular trailer.

I am glad I just missed this craze but if you are like me and work with a ton of millennials you will know they are all about Pokemon and now they will be all about Pokemon Go. The game is not even officially released in America yet and people all over the country are figuring out ways to play it and grow their Pokemon armies already.

If you are not a millennial you should care about this games massive popularity because as you may or may not know millennials make up most of the worlds population. So take notes Marketers, Startup founders and investors what works in this game may work for you.

Now onto the 10 things you should know.

1. Google and Nintendo have teamed up for this

Google has bought into Altered Reality big time, first with Virtual Reality with Daydream. Then Mixed Reality with Magic Leap, and now they have teamed up with Nintendo to invest 30 million dollars to have the game company Niantic Labs creators of Ingress to create a version that uses the Pokemon world.

2. You will need to walk … alot

For optimum results Pokemon Go will mostly be playable if you move. Users can stay in one place and draw Pokemon to themselves but it seems like the goal of the game is to have people explore their areas. This makes ALOT of sense for google a company that makes billions giving users relevant location based information. To get far in the game you will have to walk great distances or I am guessing pay for them to come to you.

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3. Keep your charger handy

As for most data heavy games Pokemon Go WILL kill your battery. This game is like ingress is constantly on in the background collecting data on everything you are doing pretty much, which again is why google would invest so much into it. When you add the Augmented Reality component a known battery problem you get some fast dying batteries. Luckily phones are getting better at all of this so by the time the game is full steam it shouldn’t be such an issue.

And now as your achievement for reading the article this far you get the added bonus of 7 MORE things you should know about Pokemon Go in Video! (and text below)

4. Pokemon Go is an MMO Augmented Reality Game

Pokemon Go is basically a multiplayer map that has points if users reach they can fight and collect Pokemon. Using the google map api players can play all over the world.

5. Battle and Train with Friends

The game is a perfect user experience to promote the core of the Pokemon story which is you can find, train, trade and battle friends.

6. It will use the Freemium Model

Like most popular games, Pokemon Go will start out as free with ways to speed up your goals by paying which seems to work well nowadays.

7. Pokemon Go Plus Watch

Nintendo brilliantly is using Pokemon Go to enter into the internet of things world. The Plus version allows you to buy a watch that will let people know if Pokemon are nearby.

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8. Pokemon Level Up

Like most Role Playing Games users will be able to power up Pokemon meaning the game is virtually endless.

9. Location Boss Battles

The game is also an Experiential Marketing platform from what it looks like. Seems to be that there will be specific times, locations and dates where there will be group Boss battles. This will bring large groups to one area and because of this Google and Nintendo will be able to massive data.

10. Want to See where its going? Play Ingress

Ingress has been around for a few years and has gained some popularity around the world it may be worth checking out if you want to understand more about these kinds of games.

Now that you know everything you need to know about Pokemon Go here is a popular youtube Gamer Influencer showing it in action!

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