If you have been watching the Altered Reality movement you have seen Volumetric Video but may not recognize it. This amazing technology allows us to view content in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality like we do in the real world.

Volumetric Video is created by having multiple video cameras pointed at an area. Once the footage is captured very innovative software takes all of that footage analyzes it and maps the correct visual information to each part of a 3d object allowing users to view the object in any angle.

Why is Volumetric Video so important?

When looking at the new devices being created to immerse users into environments that allow for better storytelling, one of the key issues is realistic movement. Currently most experiences are forcing users to stay in a specific area due to the way the content is captured. Most times the video is captured by one stationary 360 camera and the user is placed in the position of the camera, so users cannot move naturally in these experiences.

Why is this an issue? More and more hardware is being created to allow movement through immersive experiences. Take the HTC VIVE it allows users to move around in a restricted digital environment. Then there is the Hololens that allows users to walk around in their actual environment with no limitation.

Volumetric Video allows content creators to make environments that feel more realistic as users move through them. It will allow people and things to be placed in these immersive experiences and actually feel like they are a part of the world becuase you can see them in any possible angle.

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One can only imagine the possibilities once this technology becomes more advanced and common. We are truly looking at the bright and limitless future for storytellers and content creators.

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