The Source Charity : Water VR is a Virtual Reality experience for a non for profit organization about how a 13-year-old Selam used to spend every day trying to find a balance between providing water for her family and pursuing her education. Until last year. Experience the transformation of her community as they receive clean and safe water for the first time.

Give Clean Water

A charity: water production presented in partnership with

Producer: Melissa Burmester
Director: Imraan Ismail
Music: McKenzie Stubbert
Head of Post Production , Armando Kirwin
Editors: Jamie Pent, John Carner
Virtual Reality Sound Production: Q Department® in association with Mach1™
VR Sound Design & Mix: Dražen Bošnjak
360 Sound Recordist: Laura Cunningham
Narration: Lydia Telahun
Visual Effects Supervisor Tom Polson

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