Introducing Shima by LAFORGE Optical: an entirely new Augmented Reality platform as shown in their viral video.


First of all, the Shima’s design is the first set of AR glasses that I have seen that someone can actually wear in public without looking like an idiot, therefore making these a real force to help the technology become mainstream.


These smart glasses work seamlessly with iOS and Android as a result developers will be able to create apps using the tools they are accustomed to. The Shima also features a notification center, activity/fitness tracking, hands-free calls and many more features.

Shima by LAFORGE Optical

Day to day use of Shima by LAFORGE Optical

Heads Up Display

The AR industry has been trying to crack the car code for years now. Using the Shima drivers will be able to see relevant information in realtime hence, making the device a comparable car HUD as well.

Shima by LAFORGE Optical

Driving with Shima by LAFORGE Optical

In conclusion the Shima seems to have a lot going for it. My only reservation is that the videos we see of its use are CGI concepts instead of real world applications.

Pre-order the Alpha and we give you the beta for free.

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