I met the CEO of Meta, @merongribetz a few years ago at a local Augmented Reality Meetup ARNY here in NYC.  The Meta headset then was a monstrous contraption connected to a equally monstrous PC rig.  Meta today incarnated as Meta 2 is a super sleek and “Tron” like in appearance and lightyears ahead in innovation.

Meta 2 Development Kit

With the Meta 2 Development Kit, you can grab, touch, and move digital objects – “holograms” – just like you do in the real world. It’s the most intuitive way to access digital content and fundamentally changes the way people collaborate, communicate, and engage with information and each other. Using natural hand motions means people don’t have to rely on clicks or buttons to manipulate holograms. They stay connected to the content, to each other, and the moment.

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