Has the Leap Motion VR project Orion solved one of the biggest problems with Virtual Reality on phone devices? From the looks of this demo it looks like it!

Leap Motion VR – Orion

Leap motion is a tech company that started working on recognizing hands for navigating computer environments in 2008. Realizing that one of the major problems in VR is the fact that you don’t have the use of your hands, Leap motion created Orion.robust-environments
Orion is a beta built from the ground up for virtual reality, Orion is a massive step forward for the Leap Motion technology’s capabilities – lower latency, longer range, better and faster hand recognition, vastly improved robustness to cluttered backgrounds and ambient light, and more.leap-motion-vr-demo
Having hands in a Virtual Reality may solve more then just navigation problems. Some believe it will also reduce the nausea feeling some get when interacting in a fully immersive environment. When in Virtual Reality our brains understand that it is not normal but having hands may change that. I for one hope it does.

Download the Orion beta now for your Leap Motion Controller and reach into tomorrow’s reality.
 (Currently Windows Only)

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