Retailers worried about declining foot traffic in their locations may be happy to see that VRcommerce is working to bring Virtual Reality Black Friday to fruition

Virtual Reality Black Friday

Imagine not having to go deal with all those people and insane lines when you are trying to shop for your family? Most people will say yes thats what e-commerce is for, but people will always want to browse products in a more natural environment hence VRCommerce.

VRCommerce, has built a VR e-commerce platform that integrates with the retailer’s existing product catalogs. “We’ve created a seamless path for retailers to begin to experiment in VR and create incredibly immersive transformative retail experiences,” says VRCommerce CEO, Amol Sharma. The video clip showcases a few of the early virtual storefronts. The user experience and UX can be completely tailored to reflect a brand and the experience desired. Example #1 shows an experience that could be inside an Apple, Samsung, AT&T or Verizon stores. Example #2 shows an interactive 360 experience inside a furniture store. Example #3 shows VR shopping inside a store like Macy’s or Target.

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