HTC Vive Mixed Reality is really a Virtual Reality gaming device. The reason it is also considered Mixed Reality is because you can move around a room and the experience changes based on your movements.


Once you put on the Vive headset, you’re immersed in a world full of surprises. Walk around freely and explore everything–the Chaperone guidance system keeps you safely within the bounds of your play area. Stunning graphics make it feel so real and surreal simultaneously.


HD haptic feedback and intuitive gestures mean playing games and interacting with the virtual world comes naturally. Vive’s two wireless controllers feature 24 sensors for unobstructed movement, meaning you can do more in VR than ever before.


You get 360˚ motion tracking with Vive thanks to breakthrough base station technology that helps the headset and controllers track their exact location in space. Freely explore and interact with the virtual world. Room-scale VR puts you at the center of everything.

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  • Poja Patange

    The mixed reality market is expected to register
    significant growth in the next five years. Increasing adoption of mixed
    reality products for multiple applications and growing popularity of
    reality technologies such as augmented reality may act as drivers for
    the overall mixed reality market.

    Mixed Reality Market worth 453.4 Million USD by 2020
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    Moreover, rising investments and new product development activities from some of the major companies such as the Microsoft Corporation, Atheer Labs, and Meta Company among others are expected to further contribute to the growth of the mixed reality market.