Now the more the 60 million daily users of snapchat can add world filters to their videos. Snapchat World Lenses is yet another feature added to the popular app that shows their continued commitment to Augmented Reality technology.

How do Snapchat World Lenses work?

Users can now press and hold on the camera view and options come up to allow them to place objects into specific areas in the scene. What does this mean for the platform? It means now users can tell better stories because they can add objects into their scenes that actually feel like they are apart of that video clip. I cant wait to see how some of the more savvy storytellers on the platform take advantage of this new AR feature.

The great thing about snapchat is the way they are always product managing by adding new features and seeing how well they preform. As a person who saw AR come on to the scene, one of the first ways I saw it being used was on altering peoples faces. I remember thinking who in the world would want to do that?! Well Snapchat gave it a shot and now there are waaay too many photos of people with a dog nose and tongue lol. Lets see how this new feature does for snapchat and continues to make Augmented Reality a more easily recognized technology across the globe.

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