Facebook was created at Harvard, The Escher Reality Cross Platform Multiplayer Augmented Reality SDK was started at MIT. If the status of where an idea is hatched is any indication on its trajectory for success, Escher Reality has a strong start. The Company is now in Y Combinator another great path to becoming the Augmented Reality killer app.

When I look at what Escher Reality is trying to do I think someone has to get this right for the technology to get to where it needs to as fast as possible. Having a couple of smart MIT founders and the mentorship of Y Combinator maybe Escher Reality can be the one that makes it happen.

The reason cross platform AR is so important is, all of the hardware companies will have their own AR apps and SDKs. The problem for businesses is they cant build a business only targeting one piece of hardware. They will need an easy cost effective way to grow their app on other devices.

Building MVPs on iOS is a common thing for many app developers becuase 80% of people in the US have iPhone but as the wearable tech market emerges there will be a lot more competition.

If you look at the Microsoft Hololens, Snap Glasses, The Google backed Magic Leap and Meta these are all devices that are in front of the Ar wearable revolution and more are coming. If you have an idea you HAVE to be able to bring it to as many people as possible and in the beginning the audience will be in many different places.

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I cant wait to see what Escher Reality does check out their website to stay up to date on their offerings. Escher Reality


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