Many have tried and failed to take Augmented Reality headsets mainstream.  Remember Google Glass and the term Glass-hole?  Well it failed for a few reasons one being poor marketing.  The rumor mill is now buzzing with speculation that Snapchat maybe next to give headsets a try.  Will they be successful?

Why the answer maybe yes

One thing Snapchat has in its favor is influence.  When you have influence over a passionate and active fan base you have power to activate.  Would Pokemon Go have been a day one hit without its passionate fan base from the 90’s?

Snapchat has 150 million daily active users who could easily become ambassadors for the headset with proper marketing and a clear function.

Why the answer maybe no

Listen I love the idea of having a AR headset but it has to make sense.  Asking a user to wear a tech accessory is a HUGE ask.  Form and function will be key to success here.


If you want your headset to be a daily driver please make it sleek and stylish.  A VCR sized device strapped to your head just isn’t practical.  Google Glass was one of the smallest in size however it looked like a bent paper clip across your head…not cool.  Can we have a Snapchat, Ray Ban partnership?!


No more Beta releases!  If you release a headset have a clear function for it.  Waiting for developers to purchase and create content for your product just hasn’t caught on to date.  Snapchatters are content creators so let’s hope the “mythical” headset in some way enhances the existing experience.

Are you new to Snapchat?

The videos below are a great starting place.

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