Bridge Mixed Reality app and wearable technology looks pretty interesting. It looks like a blend of a Gear VR and the Hololens.

Bridge Mixed Reality Wearable Technology

Bridge Mixed Reality is a Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality headset made specifically for iPhone. It brings positional tracking and obstacle avoidance to VR with a Unity plugin, and full mixed reality, where characters blend into the real world around you.

occipital to date has raised over 21 million dollars in funding allowing them to create a very effected scanner that allows content creators and developers to take more advantage of their surroundings.

Bridge Mixed Reality

Bridge Mixed Reality

It looks like Bridge will do just that for the Mixed & Virtual Realities.

If you want one you better hurry they’re going fast!

This is what we’ve always dreamed of. This is the bridge between fantasy and reality. Where virtual characters can enter our world and interact with our environment as if they were really there. Or where we can enter and immerse ourselves in a virtual world, while still staying comfortably aware of ours.

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