“Now you can track the Bitcoin ‘Frenzy’ in Augmented Reality!”

Thanks to Los Angeles based developer Bryan Edelman we now have Bitcoin AR ( available on IOS only ) an Augmented Reality App that allows you to track the value of cryptocurrencies as they hover over real space. The cryptocurrencies are represented by their logos, the user gets about 15 crypto currencies to choose from – including the popular Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Others roaming on the same plane are Monero, ZCash, IOTA, Neo, and Dash.

Newbies to the digital exchange can gain helpful insight with the support of the app’s Wikipedia-sourced information of each currency. Background is provided like launch and general information on the cryptocurrency space.

Not saying that the app will give you insight on futures or when and what time to buy, but if you caught the Bitcoin fever and are riding cryptocurrency wave this a quick fix and gateway into merging tech space.

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