BeefeaterXO, one of the most ambitious and successful VR branded campaigns to date, is becoming a go-to case study for VR branded content.

As brands are starting to really buy in on this form of storytelling and experiential marketing you will begin to see more large scale productions such as this one.

BeefeaterXO is an interactive experience inside the creative mind of the 3-Michelin-starred chef DABIZ MUÑOZ, where we’ll travel through 4 different cities in order to find the secrets behind the most avant-garde cocktails ever made.

The campaign launched at the end of January and lasts for 10 weeks. In the first 6 weeks it has already accomplished the following impressive metrics:
  • Almost 14,5 million views to date
  • More than 45,000 interactions
  • Almost 10,000 downloads
BeefeaterXO is available for Oculus (link coming soon), Steam, Gear VR and in-app version for iOS and Android .
The campaign is also touring several malls in Spain, giving thousands of participants a chance to experience VR for the first time through this Pernod Ricard branded campaign, produced by Future Lighthouse.

Download the VR experience:
Samsung Gear VR:

Directed by NYSU – (
Produced and created by Future Lighthouse – (
Advertising agency La Despensa – (
VFX by Entropy Studio – (

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