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: Augmented Reality News TV | November 25, 2015

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The 3 Laws of Augmented Reality Design - Ori Inbar talks at ISTAS 2013

Miguel Sanchez

Ori’s talk from ISTAS 2013 in Toronto on 29, July 2013. Following an intro to augmented reality he reviews a collection of AR experiences and test them against Lex Ardez’ “3 laws of augmented reality design”:

1. Augmentation must emerge from the real world and/or relate to it
2. Augmentation must not distract from reality, but rather make you more aware of it
3. Augmented interaction must deliver a superior experience to alternatives, or better yet – there’s no alternative.

These rules are logical and simple and yet most AR implementations fail to meet these laws. When it comes to defining an AR experience, the #3 is the most important: do not implement AR only for a cool factor; if a traditional interaction technique (on computers, mobile devices etc.) does a good job – do not try to do recreate it with AR. Look for the specific experiences that can only be achieved with AR, even if it’s very niche.

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